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Sysplorer is the only portal structured according integrated modules which makes the most diversified corporate processes more easily manageable, more consistent, more understandable and streamlined. It is a unique service: it contains all the useful information you need to quickly solve critical issues, prevent malfunctions and design expansions on the basis of certain, unique and updated data on the status of corporate infrastructures. Furthermore, the availability of summarized and verified information also allows to manage with enhanced awareness Risk Management e Compliance processes that are linked to the ongoing evolution of regulations and costs, in view of making your company more competitive on the market.


    A detailed and accurate mapping of the technological infrastructure and of processes, such as the Lan, Wlan, Wan, Telefony, Wan Mpa and Server infrastructure, allows to efficiently intervene by targeting local installations.


    Data are carefully analyzed and entered into a portal which, besides drawing the map of the technological infrastructure and of networks, identifies any deviation with regard to agreed standards and/or any risk entailed by these deviations. The analysis ends with a proposal offering the best solutions and technological improvements required to anticipate and solve potential or existing critical issues.


    The provided global picture allows to manage with great awareness all Risk Management e Compliance processes that are linked to the ongoing evolution of regulations, and it also allows to chose the best strategy.


    If the Client wishes so, in case of need, our skills also allow us to provide support in the implementation phase of decided changes. By facilitating the rational and optimized management of technological infrastructures, as well as individual processes, Sysplorer considerably reduces risks and ensures enhanced competitiveness of companies on the market.

Have you ever found yourself in an emergency situation, digging in the archives or in e-mails looking for information or technical documentation, without finding the latest version or without being sure of the quality of the documents found? Or outside the company, with the urgency of having that same information, stored in paper form somewhere in the office?
Wouldn't it be nice to be able to access and have, in one place, all the necessary information and documents? Less stress, less time wasted searching and digging...

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