Copper and fiber optic cabling


Thanks to the over twenty years experience of our technicians, we design and build wired LAN infrastructures based on copper and fiber optic cabling.

We create 19 “network cabinets according to the floors and the number of buildings to be connected, we install cable ducts and cables to interconnect all the components of the wiring system (workstations, networking equipment, servers, storage, etc.).

We operate with a team of specialized technicians equipped with advanced tools, to provide excellent and certified systems. We check every single cable installed with frequency sampling, to guarantee the quality of the signal; check the efficiency of existing connections and equipment to prevent degradation of performance; we provide a complete report with all the graphs and measurements compared with the technical parameters of reference.

We are authorized first tier installers by the Ministry of Labor Development, a technical recognition that places us at the level of the main national operators in the telecommunications sector.

We have extremely professional instruments for the certification of copper cabling (Certification of LAN networks). For optical fiber plants we use, in addition to the traditional gluing systems, professional fusion splicers to guarantee maximum performance.