The Data Center is the focal point of the corporate IT infrastructure: it contains data, applications and systems that are vital for the operation of the company. It is therefore of fundamental importance to guarantee continuity of operation and safety.
GMT G7 is specialized in the realization of the physical environment and in the integration of all the technological components predisposed to host, connect and power servers and storage.

We offer rational, optimized and fully solutions compliant with relevant regulations.
We evaluate together with the customer the most suitable location, we adapt the premises and facilities to the required security and business continuity requirements through the installation of:

access control systems

alarm systems

automatic fire and extinguishing systems

uninterruptible power supplies and dedicated electrical panels

specific cooling systems.

We size and install the 19 “rack cabinets, designing the infrastructure to allow high-speed copper and / or fiber optic connection between the various network devices.GMT G7 is not tied to a specific brand or product, therefore it sets the project and the realization of the local Data Center based on the real needs of the Customer.Particular attention is paid to the concept of “Green Data Center”, with the aim of achieving results of energy efficiency and high reliability (conditioning systems with free-cooling modules, scalable UPS units with optimized energy yields, etc.).