We build efficient and protected local wireless networks to allow users to move freely within a predefined area, while remaining constantly connected to network services.

We integrate wired / wireless solutions to ensure total coverage of all areas, including areas difficult to reach with traditional structured cabling.

We connect spaces and buildings with wireless bridges that allow to share infrastructural resources at low cost. We enable temporary wireless networks to support events and events and shows.

We use the most advanced technologies to ensure a stable signal and appropriate bandwidth in all areas covered. We ensure continuous protection of the network with authentication systems for authorized persons and devices.

We use sophisticated software tools to follow the customer throughout the life of its wireless infrastructure. This assistance is not only provided in the implementation phases of the wireless network (from the initial design analysis to the verification of the effective “coverage” in the execution phase and the testing), but it is also guaranteed with annual maintenance interventions to analyze any interference caused by other devices, intrusions of other networks and inevitable variations of “coverage” related to changes in the environment.