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Sysplorer facilitates the creation of clear, punctual and detailed maps of your technological infrastructures and of all the processes using them.

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Sysplorer makes corporate processes more streamlined, smooth and manageable. A single instrument capable of optimizing costs, prevent problems and supply the best solutions capable of making your business more competitive on the market and modern at all times.

Sysplorer combines the potentials of a software with the experience of expert and qualified technicians, to ensure the best result. The objective is to simply and make the management of technological infrastructures more efficient, regardless if the company has only one office, or if it has a more complex organization with several offices, also located abroad.

Sysplorer is a software designed by GMT G7, a company that has been operating around the world for over 20 years in the sector of installations and connectivity, with strategic national and international partners and brands. Sysplorer is the result of a careful and constant dialogue with our clients. This is the reason why it is a constantly evolving platform.

HOW DOES sysplorer WORK


The need for a company to have a clear and punctual map of the technological infrastructure and processes may stem from several factors. This is why we have redesigned all the instruments that we use, by integrating our consultancy activity with a structured platform capable of supporting our clients. This is how Sysplorer was created a dedicated structured portal, organized over several integrated modules:

SYSMAIN. The Sysplorer module for the organization of dates and management of documents and contracts related to scheduled maintenance.

SYSREQ. Requests management, priority assignment, documentation management and follow-up on non-scheduled maintenance.

 SYSBOOK IT. The Sysplorer module for the mapping of IT infrastructures in different corporate offices.

SYSAUDIT IT. Compliance analysis of IT infrastructures with respect to certain business, corporate or legal reference parameters.

SYSBOOK FACILITIES. The Sysplorer module for the mapping of technological infrastructures present in different corporate offices, IT excluded, either connected or not to IT systems, such as air conditioning, fire-extinguishing and alarm systems.

SYSBPM. The Sysplorer module for the mapping of industrial processes, their connections to technological infrastructures and the detection of interconnection of the various processes. Detection and flagging out of malfunction risks of some infrastructures and/or processes, and their relevant potential impact on all processes. Proposal of possible preventive actions and/or dissemination of any emergency management procedures.

SYSRT. Real time monitoring of indicators and measurements, with the possibility of technological alarms.

SYSEDU. Management and delivery of customized e-learning training contents, tank to our consolidated skills in the field of training and according to company needs, with regard to contents and material used.

SYSGDPR. This Sysplorer module was designed to make the required adjustments pursuant to the new European regulation on the protection of personal data.

SYSSEO. It is a revolutionary service, aimed at optimizing the content and structure of your website(s), in order to facilitate indexing. The service is based on an innovative technology, improving Seo performance of your website, whatever the CMS adopted and without the need to intervene technically on the website itself.



Sysplorer effectively responds to the needs of companies that want to transfer to a reliable partner some technical and operational issues, apparently not strictly related to their business, but which however have many implications with their business.

Have you ever thought about the human skeleton? Each action we perform is designed by our brain, but everything we actually carry out during the day is essentially dependent from the bone structure supporting our body. This is why an infrastructure affected by several problems will certainly have a negative impact on the business. In the corporate field, innovate means optimizing all corporate processes, improve products and produce well-being. This is why the success of an activity starts from the implementation of a state-of-the-art infrastructure.

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Sysplorer Modules

  • sysrt e1521022667979


    A system allowing real-time data collection

  • sysedu 1


    The portal for the delivery of tailor-made training content

  • sys audit


    Analysis/Audit of corporate technological infrastructures

  • sysbook facilities


    Mapping and management of data and documents regarding corporate’s technological infrastructure

  • sysbook it


    Mapping and management of data and documents related to corporate IT infrastructures

  • sysbpm


    Analysis of industrial processes and management of related data and documents

  • sysmain


    Scheduled maintenance dates and contracts management

  • sysreq


    Efficient management of data and requests for unscheduled maintenance interventions

  • sysgdpr


    The module was designed to make the required adjustments pursuant to the new European regulation on the protection of personal data

  • sysseo


    Seo optimization of your website, faster and with tangible advantages over your competitors