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SysBook Facilities is the Sysplorer module designed to map all the technological infrastructures of a company, distributed on one or several locations.

SysBook Facilities includes all corporate systems except for IT, among which:

Electric system (electrical distribution).

Air Conditioning System.

Access control system.

CCTV system (video surveillance).

Fire-extinguishing system.

Anti-intrusion system.

SysBook Facilities is the platform on which you will be able to see the mapping of each of these technological infrastructures and their main components:

For example, three different floor plans are created for the electric system in which it is possible to see: the location of the electrical panels (for each of them an analysis is performed); the installation of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and, finally, the position of the emergency lamps (emergency lighting).

In the mapping of the air conditioning system, you will find where are the ducted systems, the split systems, the air-handling units, the outdoor units or the chillers.

The mapping of the components of the access control system indicates the connection scheme of the control unit and its input and output devices.

The mapping of the CCTV system shows the positioning of the cameras installed inside your business premises, the position of the DVR and, where the display monitors are located.
Regarding the fire-extinguishing system, you can find the mapping of the smoke detectors, the alarm push buttons, the location of the control panel, the Optical acoustic alarm panels and the remote display panels.

Last but not least, the mapping of the anti-intrusion system includes: the control unit, the sirens, the telephone dialers, the detectors and the interaction devices.

Why choosing SysBook Facilities ?

Because the mapping shown in SysBook Facilities allows to see all devices, connections and technological infrastructures, their locations and technical details.

How does SysBook Facilities communicate with others Sysplorer modules ?

SysBook Facilities connects to other modules by transmitting information on:

Technological infrastructures



Technical data

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