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SysBook IT is the Sysplorer module focused on the mapping of your company’s IT infrastructures and the ones of other corporate offices.

What is SysBook IT

SysBook IT is a system that allows you to visualize the mapping of your company’s IT infrastructures and the ones of other corporate offices.

Through an assessment at your organization’s premises, our experts identify all the devices that are part of the IT infrastructure. Then they carry out the mapping by inserting those elements into the floor plans of your company. This is the way you will always have at hand, on SysBook IT, the physical composition of your IT infrastructure, as well as all the information related to it.

These is useful information if you want to evaluate any targeted expansion of IT infrastructure, or it can simply be considered as a starting point to carry out audits that will allow you to know the status and condition of your IT infrastructure.

Some features of SysBook IT

SysBook IT is the platform where you can find different maps of IT equipment, and more specifically:

The Rack location: it is the mapping of where these elements are physically located within your organization.

The location of server rooms, Technical rooms, IT rooms and the PBX room.

The Network Map: the mapping that highlights the active connections between switches and outlines, how these devices connect with the Racks and the type of existing connection (copper or fiber optic).

The list of devices (switches and UPS).

The Backbone Map: it represents a layout of the overall backbone connection between the racks.

The WAN Map (Wide Area Network): the layout that shows the network connection towards the outside.

The list of all WAN devices (routers and modems).

The list containing all the details regarding ISP (Internet Service Provider).

The mapping that indicates the location of the following elements with reference to their rack: Field Network Outlet, unmanaged remote switches and telephone devices.

Access Point Location: all Access Points (APs) are placed in the floor plan of your company.

The Wireless Map: it shows the connection between switches and Access Points.

The device list: it indicates the specifications of the Access Points and wireless controllers.

Furthermore, in the “Certification” section, you will be able to view the results of the test carried out on the copper cables and on the fiber optic cables in order to verify if the network is working properly.

Why choosing SysBook IT?

Because SysBook IT allows you to know, in just a few clicks, all IT devices, connections and infrastructures, their location and their technical details.

How does SysBook IT communicate with others Sysplorer modules?

SysBook IT connects to other modules by transmitting information on:

IT infrastructure

IT devices


Technical details

Location registry.

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