single moduele sysmain


SysMAIN is the Sysplorer module designed for the management of scheduled maintenance, as well as with regard to documentation and relevant due dates.

SysMAIN is a platform that allows you to add to your agenda information such as:

Expiring Contracts (once contracts and the related deadlines have been entered, these are automatically inserted in the calendar).

Expiring documents (once contracts and the related deadlines have been entered, these are automatically inserted in the calendar).

Interventions that have to be confirmed (once entered the contract start date and the frequency of related maintenance, intervention dates can be automatically generated by SysMain and you can decide whether to confirm or modify them).

Confirmed activities (those that will be performed).

Reminders (freely added by the user).

SysMAIN strengths:

In this way, you will have a complete overview of all scheduled deadlines (be them monthly, weekly or daily) and you will be able to manage planned interventions in a simple way.

In the specific sections of SysMAIN, you can enter all the details regarding properties, maintenance contracts and interventions and you can visualize each specific list, in order to have a vertical overview of it.

You will also be able to add all the data regarding the maintainers and to have them listed, so that you can contact them quickly.

Finally, SysMAIN automatically generates (if the data is properly entered) some reports, for example on the costs incurred per supplier or the budget spent per property.

Why choosing SysMAIN ?

Because SysMAIN makes it possible to centralize information also regarding other locations, making it available to all the people concerned, even in the absence of the people who are directly in charge of them.

In order to find the contract of a supplier without wasting precious minutes browsing through past emails or looking into paper files.

In order to transform a paper archive into a digital archive.

In order to benefit the advantage of having all information, documents and due dates all in one place, possible to be retrieved also remotely.

How does SysMAIN communicate with others sysplorer modules ?

SysMAIN connects to other modules by transmitting information on:


Supplier Database

Maintenance intervention type

Dates of scheduled maintenance interventions

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