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SysREQ is the Sysplorer module designed for the management of unscheduled maintenance interventions in multi-site contexts, having a centralized management of maintenance.

What is SysREQ

SysREQ is the Sysplorer module born as a tool to carry out in a simple, fast and structured way requests for unscheduled maintenance interventions in multi-site contexts, having a centralized management of maintenance.

Subsequently, SysREQ has evolved into a complete and intuitive tool to effectively manage the entire process of management of unscheduled maintenance, from the field request to the approval of the P.O. (Purchase Order), up to the approval of the invoice to proceed to the payment and finally to the archiving of all documents. (P.O., quotations and invoices).

SysREQ contains a basic document management, divided by category and location and uses email notifications to keep the user updated if new content is present.

SysREQ allows you to manage the following information and activities:

Fill in (field side) and approve/reject (headquarter side) unplanned intervention and/or maintenance requests in a simple and fast way.

Give different levels of priority to the request and attach documentation ( both photographic and not) to support it.

Concentrate in a single tool the communications related to the request, limiting the processing time and increasing its effectiveness.

If connected to SysMain, give visibility of scheduled incoming maintenance operations to the site concerned.

Assign, if already existing, a supplier to the activity and automatically generate a request form (P.O., or Purchase Order), now increasingly used in more structured companies. To the P.O. it will be able to be attached the quotation for further verification and future necessity.

Proceed to the digital approval of the PO with a few clicks from the managers.

Check the amount of the invoice with the quotation previously attached and attach the invoice for future targeted checks.

Digitally view the invoice received so that it can be sent for payment.

Print out the P.O. and related quotes, if attached, for faster and faster handling.

Attribution of different levels of visibility to the users who use it, both for organizational function and for Region or for single location.

Why choosing SysREQ?

Because with SysReq you can structure, speed up and digitalize a necessary activity, widely distributed among the various actors involved (applicants, maintenance managers, suppliers, financial managers, etc..) and, for this reason, sometimes complex and time consuming.- To monitor the progress of unplanned interventions, as well as to monitor the evolution and distribution of the budget dedicated to them.

To monitor sites and/or activities with the greatest need for support and evaluate preventive interventions in order to optimize investments in maintenance service.

To have reports and statistics always updated on the distribution of the investment in maintenance.

To save time in paper bureaucracy, so you can devote it to problem solving activities.

It is multilingual and multi-currency, so it is also designed for multi-location and / or international realities.

SysREQ is customizable with regard to the types of maintenance, so as to reflect your internal terminology.

How SysREQ communicates with other Sysplorer modules

SysReq connects to other modules by receiving and transmitting information about:

Technological infrastructures

Corporate devices.

Location data.


Budget used and/or commited

Technical details of the devices mapped in SysBook, using which it pre-fills the maintenance request.

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