Electrical systems are part of the company’s technological infrastructure. The electrical systems design must comply with industry and safety regulations. In addition, it must be able to meet the customer’s needs.

We at GMT G7 deal with the:

  • Design and installation of electrical systems from scratch
  • Upgrading of the electrical system by updating the obsolete one
  • Electrical systems maintenance

We manage every stage leading to the realization of the industrial electrical system: Laying of ducts, piping, laying of cables and connection of electrical system components.

In addition, we are experts in installation and maintenance of:

  • LV transformer substations
  • Electrical switchboards
  • Realization of FM distribution systems
  • Industrial automation – design and installation of switchboards on board of machines for command and control of production lines
  • Lighting systems
  • Energy efficiency

One of our peculiarities is the particular attention we give to the study of electrical consumption measurement systems.

We can realize systems with specific components, installed inside electrical panels, that detect data 365 days a year, or we use appropriate analysis instruments that allows us to control and memorize the absorptions and the main physical quantities belonging to the entire system or to a specific electrical circuit.

Another peculiarity of our technical department is that we do not consider the classic industrial electrical system as a separate entity, but as a system perfectly integrated with the other types of corporate technological infrastructures.

Our technicians study and install electrical panels and circuit breakers according to the specifics required by individual environments (offices, Data Center premises, industrial environments, etc.), delivering a customized electrical system to the customer.


Thanks to Sysplorer FACILITIES, the module of our Sysplorer suite focused on to the mapping of technological infrastructures (IT infrastructure excluded) of you company, you will be able to consult the mapping of your electrical system at any time, specifically you will always be able to quickly find information such as: the location within the company of electrical panels (an analysis is performed for each of them); the installation of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and, finally, the location of emergency lamps (emergency lighting).


Thanks to Sysplorer COMPLY, you will be able to assess and monitor compliance with respect to the parameters established by the current standards for the sector of your electrical system and the ones in all other company locations. You will also be able to monitor compliance against parameters that are set at the corporate level.