and Certifications


Being awarded the recognition of a “commercially reliable company” is an important testament to a company’s abilities and professionalism, along with a quality stamp that attests to a company’s solidity and reliability. Which means, being considered capable of effectively managing its finances and meeting its obligations to its customers, suppliers, and creditors.

A company that scores well in the areas above is considered commercially reliable and is therefore placed on a list of trustworthy companies. GMT G7 recently had the great pleasure of being awarded the maximum score according to the merit criteria used.

CRIBIS, a company of the CRIF group, performs credit risk assessment, creditworthiness and reliability checks of companies, business information management, customer monitoring and supplier information management.

CRIF, a market leader in credit information systems, is an institution that assesses the solvency and creditworthiness of companies and individuals and evaluates companies through several criteria, including financial strength, financial situation, credit history and credit rating.