Video surveillance systems for protecting your business and your facilities.

Among the technological infrastructures of Safety and Security there are video surveillance systems.

At GMT G7, we design tailor-made CCTV systems (Closed Circuit Television) considering customer’s specific needs, incorporating their requests and providing them the best solutions.

We are experts in installing video surveillance cameras connected to DVR or NVR systems and all other CCTV system components, such as, for example, video surveillance monitors.

Specifically, our technicians are specialized in:

  • designing and installing wired or wireless CCTV systems for outdoor and/or indoor use
  • installing analog or digital cameras (IP cameras).

We analyze the most suitable positioning of cameras and check that the entire perimeter of the company and all the internal areas where video surveillance is needed, are properly covered and there are no blind spots. If necessary, we adapt or realize the network infrastructure to support the correct functioning of the video surveillance system.

Before installing a wireless video surveillance system, we check the network capacity in order to avoid bad performance due to bandwidth saturation of IP cameras.


CCTV system designs are often integrated with other building security infrastructures to increase the safety and security of the facility.

For example, they can be interfaced with the intrusion detection systems so that when an alarm is triggered, the camera activates the recording by automatically aiming the lens in the direction of the sensor that generated it.

Another example of video surveillance integration is the access control, those used for license plate reading, which allow automatic access of authorized vehicles into the company premises.


Thanks to Sysplorer FACILITIES, one of the modules of our Sysplorer suite, you can have the mapping of the video surveillance – CCTV – of your company and the ones of all its locations. You will therefore be able to view at any time information such as: the positioning of the video surveillance cameras within the premises, that of the DVR, that of the monitors and the CCTV camera connection diagram and all the technical details of devices of this infrastructure.


To get a global view regarding the compliance of the video surveillance of your company and all its locations, you can request activation of Sysplorer COMPLY, the module that allows you to always have under control the level of compliance with respect to certain parameters that can be defined by company policies, technical requirements, or current regulations for the sector.