Fire detection systems are safety and security infrastructures used to detect and signal the presence of a fire.

We design fire detection systems with state-of-the-art technology to protect your business or facility by providing systems that promptly detect the onset of fire, allowing to prevent (or severely limit) the damage that may result from the destructive action of fire.

We protect the safety of your employees and your infrastructures with advanced electronic systems for fire detection and activation of evacuation procedures.

We deal not only with the fire detection and alarm system design, but also with the installation and fire detection maintenance, and implement temperature and smoke detection systems equipped with equipped with pre-alarm functions, optical / acoustic evacuation signaling and fire alarm, with consequent activation of the extinguishing system.

We design the detection system by choosing the technology best suited to the characteristics of the environment (taking into consideration the materials within the environment to be protected) and the fire risk potential.

Our team of specialized technicians, after a thorough evaluation, selects and installs the most suitable fire detection system components  including:

  • The fire detection panel;
  • The detection devices: smoke detectors, heat detectors, flame detectors and gas detectors;
  • The alarm devices: visual and acoustic signaling;
  • Manual signaling devices.

We at GMT G7 are qualified installers in accordance with the law 36/08 for electronic fire detection systems, and all our installations are made to the strictest standards and in full compliance with current regulations.


Thanks to Sysplorer FACILITIES, one of the modules in our Sysplorer suite, you can consult the mapping of your fire detection system and the technical details of all its component devices anywhere, anytime. This makes it easier to manage maintenance and condition monitoring of the fire detection system in your company and all its locations.


To get a global overview of the compliance of the fire detection systems in your company and all its locations, you can use Sysplorer COMPLY, the module that allows you to always have under control the level of compliance with respect to certain parameters (defined by current regulations and/or company policies).