Intrusion detection systems are safety and security technological infrastructures installed for the purpose of signaling the intrusion attempts and detect the presence of unauthorized persons entering your premises to prevent damage and theft.

At GMT G7, we preserve your facilities from theft and damage with professional intrusion detection solutions.

We are experts in designing, implementing, and maintaining intrusion detection systems.

During the design phase, our trained technicians analyze the environmental and behavioural vulnerabilities that could compromise the security of your facility in order to identify the appropriate level of protection.

With our experience in the field, we are then able to select the most suitable intrusion detection solution to effectively protect the specific environment, whether it is indoor or outdoor and whether it is small or very large.

We design and install secure and reliable intrusion detection systems:

  • Wired or wireless burglar alarm systems
  • Indoor or outdoor burglar alarm systems
  • Perimeter intrusion detection and/or volumetric systems

based on perimeter and environmental sensors governed by manageable control units, which can be connected to the outside through GSM, radio links with security institutions or other.

Doors and windows of the building are alarmed with appropriate sensors, which can be deactivated only by authorized personnel through advanced authentication systems.

With an efficient solution you will be able to receive alerts if an intruder breaches the perimeter covered by the perimeter sensors and receive alerts for any movement occurring within the protected area.

We support customers in keeping the intrusion detection systems installed and all related procedures efficient and compliant with regulations through a periodic assistance and check-up service.


Intrusion detection system projects are often integrated with other safety and security infrastructures to increase the security of the facility.

For example, they can be interfaced with the video surveillance; it can be established that when an alarm is triggered, the video surveillance camera activates recording by automatically aiming the lens in the direction of the sensor that generated the alarm.


Thanks to Sysplorer FACILITIES, the module of our Sysplorer suite focused on mapping of technological infrastructures (IT infrastructure excluded), you can always have the mapping of your intrusion detection system and the technical details of all its components.


To get a global overview of the compliance of the intrusion detection systems in your company and all its locations, you can use Sysplorer COMPLY, the module that allows you to always have under control the level of compliance at the corporate level with respect to the defined parameters.