Access control is a safety and security system that allows the regulation of the transit of people within a building or certain business areas, granting access to authorized persons and denying it to those who do not possess permits; in addition, this system records entry and exit events.

The benefits of an access control system can be summarized as:

  • Increased security of your company or facility
  • Increased security and safety for your staff and visitors
  • Increased protection of your business activities and data

At GMT G7, we are experts in:

  • Access control design
  • Access control installation
  • Access control system maintenance

whether single-entry or multi-entry.

We create automated access control solutions to allow you to selectively regulate the movements of people within your facility, monitoring movements and protecting restricted areas from unauthorized access.

With our access control systems, you can:

  • Manage and monitor access to your company
  • Monitor the movement of people
  • Control the transits of vehicles and goods

Thanks to the installation and configuration of a centralized console, you will have the possibility to manage: all identification devices, the opening and closing accesses devices according to predefined rules and at scheduled times, the recording of all events and, in addition, the real-time reception of alerts of any eventuality.

Users can be recognized by one or more identification devices:

  • Magnetic or optical badge card readers
  • RFID proximity readers
  • Readers for authentication with mobile devices with NFC or Bluetooth technology
  • Numeric keypads
  • Readers of fingerprint readers or other biometric parameters
  • Automatic license plate recognition systems


Access control system designs are often integrated with other building security systems to increase the security of the facility.

For example, they can be interfaced with the intrusion detection system, and in the event of an unauthorized access attempt, in addition to physically preventing passage, system devices can sound an alarm.

Another example of access control system integration is the video surveillance system. Indeed, it is possible to install cameras pointed at access gates to record the transit of people, goods, or vehicles, or to stipulate that when an alarm is triggered, the video surveillance system camera activates recording.


Thanks to Sysplorer FACILITIES, one of the modules in our Sysplorer suite, you can quickly consult the mapping of your access control system in which the connection diagram starting from the control unit and its input and output devices, as well as the technical details of all the access control devices, are shown.


Thanks to Sysplorer COMPLY, you will be able to assess and check compliance with respect to certain parameters (defined by company policies and/or current standards for the sector) of the access control system of your company and that of all its locations.