Sysplorer RT

Alarm management software

Sysplorer RT

Alarm management software for managing and monitoring technical alarms that result from malfunctions and/or failures of devices and systems in critical areas of your company and all its locations.

What is Sysplorer RT

Alarm management softwar Sysplorer RT is the module of our Sysplorer suite that enables centralized management of technical alarms and real-time monitoring of certain measures and KPIs defined in relation to your needs.

An essential tool in enterprise areas such as the server room or in data centers as, for example, it allows you to monitor, and then act quickly to restore proper operating conditions, anomalies resulting from:

Electrical system failure

Exceeding predetermined temperature thresholds


Blockage of air conditioning systems

Failures of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

Fire detection system failures

Smoke detection

Reporting of extinguishing discharge

Electricity generator start-up

But it is also indispensable in production areas where it is necessary to control the maintenance of specific conditions, such as temperature, humidity, power consumption, etc.

How this alarm monitoring system works

Sysplorer RT’s alarm management software enables real-time monitoring and visualization of operating conditions through integration with a data transmission control unit that receives information on anomalies and/or deviations from predetermined conditions directly from connected hardware devices and specific probes installed.

By configuring technical alarms, the software is able to send e-mail or SMS alerts to selected users as soon as an anomaly is detected, so rapid action can be taken and damage can be limited.

Why choosing Sysplorer RT as alarm management software

This alarm management software provides the ability to remotely detect and monitor, with a few clicks and in real time, some defined indicators (energy consumption, temperature of devices, possible flooding, etc.).

It allows you to set up and immediately trigger alarm notifications in the event established thresholds are exceeded.

Thanks to reports, it is possible to have an overview of the alarms sent by the software.

Ability to create users with differentiated permissions (e.g., see data for a single company location and those of all locations).

How it communicates with other Sysplorer modules

Sysplorer RT connects to other modules by transmitting information on:

Locations Data