Compliance audit

Sysplorer COMPLY

Compliance audit and compliance assessment using Sysplorer COMPLY the platform that allows you to have the level of compliance of your company and all its locations always under control.

What is Sysplorer COMPLY

COMPLY is the module of our Sysplorer suite focused on compliance management. It allows you to monitor the level of compliance with industry and security standards, as well as corporate and regulatory policies and requirements in your company and all its locations, by auditing and verifying their effective application.

This tool allows the management of:

Guidelines with preconfigured systems (or with ad hoc systems defined with the customer)

Risk assessment and related injury

Audit Compliance

Best Practice

Action plan

you will be able to get an overview of what your company’s infrastructure and systems guidelines are to ensure greater security and compliance.

Corporate compliance management

With this compliance management system, you will be able to manage compliance according to predefined or customized guidelines with a typical 3-level waterfall structure.

A practical example would be the one related to Systems Security:

Level 1 Level2 Level 3
Systems Security Password Policy

To which will report the guidelines with the related risk Assessment, the outcome of the audits performed, the definition of any Best Practices, and a final Action Plan with the planning of actions to be taken (Remediation Actions).

Specifically, the risk assessment section describes the risk being incurred, the probability (likelihood) of its occurrence (Rare, Unlikely, Possible, Likely, Certain), and the severity of consequences (Negligible, Marginal, Critical, Catastrophic). Finally, the extent of the risk is also reported with a numerical value, which can be low, medium, high, very high.

The description of the guidelines (or requirements) in which the audit manager and auditor are specified.

The audit compliance: section in which the result of the audit and any notes from the auditor and responsible party are reported.

Best Practices are defined, with comments from the responsible person and the possibility of attaching supporting documents.

Finally, the Action Plan section notes the Remediation Actions and the expected date by which they must be performed in order to comply with the requirements.

Why choosing Sysplorer COMPLY for corporate compliance audit and assessment

It is a system that through an audit allows you to have an overview of corporate compliance both globally and locally.

It allows you to create Policies at the corporate level with the sharing of successful experiences (Best Practice).

It offers the possibility to manage the guidelines in an easy way and make them visible to all stakeholders, thanks to the creation of users with differentiated permissions.

It allows you to always have all compliance-related reports available and in digital format.

It offers a clear view of potential issues and the remediation actions.

Dashboards provide an overview of one or more audit interventions carried out for one or more locations.

How it communicates with other Sysplorer modules

Sysplorer COMPLY connects to other modules by transmitting information on:

Assessment of compliance with corporate or industry standards

Action Plan for Remediation Action management using the Sysplorer MAIN module


Technical analysis

Locations data