Sysplorer EDU

Corporate training tool

Sysplorer EDU

Corporate training for your employees using Sysplorer EDU , the e-learning platform that provides the possibility of developing tailor-made corporate training modules.

What is Sysplorer EDU

EDU is the module in our Sysplorer suite that enables you to deliver corporate training courses to your employees that are tailored to your company’s needs. Training modules (e-learning and others) can therefore be on various topics, technical and non-technical.

It is a service that we have developed thanks to our established expertise in corporate training and that we continue to design according to the needs of the client company, in terms of content or material used.

Employee training benefits

By using Sysplorer EDU, you can exploit all the benefits of corporate training for your employees, such as:

Increased productivity of employees, more experienced and aware of what they are doing.

Adaptation to changes and maintaining corporate competitiveness in the market.

Increased company security.

E-learning provides online corporate training courses, which are therefore also accessible to people who are not physically on site through any device and at any time, facilitating the management of corporate training for decentralised or travelling employees.

Some features of Sysplorer EDU are:

Flexibility of content fruition (in terms of both location and time).

Modularity of courses

Ability to deliver customised corporate content on demand.

It therefore allows you to train and update your employees quickly and easily, while standardizing the level of skills transmitted.

Why choosing Sysplorer EDU as your corporate training platform

Because it allows delivering content that are thought out, designed and structured specifically to meet your corporate’s needs. When implementing new processes, procedures or tools, employee’ compliance to these new methods mainly depends on how prepared and/or comfortable they feel using them.

Because customised content, in which employees can identify themselves, is more effective. It is different to access to a content created ‘for a general purpose’ and adapt it to a specific context, or accessing a content where employees can recognize logos, context, language, and “own” visualizations.

Because it provides the functionalities of an LMS (Learning Management System) without paying its entire implementation. Sysplorer EDU allows monitoring the fruition of corporate training courses and the drafting of automatic statistics concerning users and displayed courses.

How it communicates with other Sysplorer modules

Sysplorer EDU connects to the other modules by transmitting information on: