Environmental health monitoring

Sysplorer SANA

Environmental health monitoring through Sysplorer SANA, the platform that allows you to always have at your fingertips all the documentation and technical details certifying the environmental disinfection interventions carried out in your company and all its locations.

What is Sysplorer SANA

SANA is the module of our Sysplorer suite focused on the environmental health monitoring.

Thanks to this tool you will have the mapping of all the facilities and areas in your company that has been disinfected, and you can always have at your disposal the disinfection report and all the documentation related to the intervention carried out by our specialized technicians. Finally, you will have indication of the deadlines and recurrences on which to re-perform this activity.

Environmental health monitoring report of your company’s areas

Sysplorer SANA is the platform in which you can always consult the environmental health monitoring of the rooms of your company and all its locations. The environmental monitoring report contains data such as:

The characteristics of the treated room (or vehicle) and the disinfection protocol applied (description and notes).

Microbiological analysis (Source of analysis, sampling method, date of sampling, analytical test, % microbial load reduction).

Treatment results: section in which all information about the sampling and microbiological analysis results are entered (downloadable as PDF).

The products we use to decontaminate your environments exploit the potential of:

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)

Ozone (O3)

Sampling is done with surface swabs that are then analysed with a luminometer or by an accredited laboratory specializing in environmental microbiological analysis.

Thanks to this activity you can have proof of the effectiveness of the operation, you just need to compare the microbial load on the surfaces before and after the treatment.

Why choosing Sysplorer SANA as environmental health monitoring platform

It is a platform where you can always have at your disposal all the documentation related to the disinfection treatment carried out in your company and in all its locations.

Thanks to the digitization of the technical report released by our company and to the results of the microbiological analysis, you will be always able to control the environmental health and to prove your compliance with the Italian regulations for the safety of workplaces.

It allows you to have a clear and comprehensive overview of the areas of your company (and all its locations) most prone to microbiological contamination (thanks to the results of microbiological analysis on pre – post-intervention sample).

Thanks to the inclusion of deadlines and recurrences on which to perform disinfection, the management of interventions of multiple locations is simplified.

How it communicates with other Sysplorer modules

SANA connects to other modules by transmitting information on:


Locations data

Deadlines and recurrences of interventions

Potential “Remediation Actions”

Compliance with industry standards or corporate policies