IT infrastructure audit

Sysplorer IT

IT Infrastructure audit of your company and all its locations and mapping of IT devices to know its service status and to assess its compliance with respect to given standards, be them business, corporate or legal ones.

What is Sysplorer IT

IT is the module of our Sysplorer suite that allows you to view at any time the audit and assessment of the condition and service status of the IT infrastructure and the corresponding devices, as well as always having all the documentation available, including also the mapping and technical details of the components of IT infrastructure.

Thanks to this audit you will be able to have an overview on the criticalities of your IT infrastructure, as well as possible solutions in order to make your business more efficient. You will thus be able to perform the optimization of your IT infrastructure.

IT infrastructure analysis of your company

Sysplorer IT allows you to have numerous information on the security and condition (state of service) of your IT infrastructure through some analysis on:

Rack: carried out with the aim to capture data about the racks in your company, including racks accessibility and the accessibility of the devices contained, verification of the proper functioning of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and of the conditioning / cooling system, verification of cabling compliance.

Technical Rooms (Server, IT and PBX room): the evaluation of room security, air conditioning/cooling system, backbone connections and some parameters related to the electrical system.

Wireless: evaluation of parameters such as: wireless coverage, signal / noise distribution, also all technical information of Access Points – APs – and their installation.

Horizontal cabling: audit on the cabling arrangement and its compliance with the law or with corporate guidelines.

Some examples of mapping of your IT infrastructure components are:

The Rack location: it reports the position of all 19”racks within your organization.

The Network Map is the document that highlights the active connections between switches, showing how these devices are connected to the Racks and the type of existing connection (copper or fiber).

The Backbone Map shows the overall backbone (physical) connections between the different Racks.

The Access Point Location shows the position of all APs in your enterprise.

The Wireless Map reports the connections between switches and Access Points.

Furthermore, in the “Certifications” section, you can view the report with the results of the tests performed on copper cables and optical fiber cables in order to verify if the network is working properly.

IT infrastructure optimization: why choosing Sysplorer IT

It makes it easy to share data and all the documentation related to the IT infrastructure between the different locations and the headquarters.

It is an audit and an assessment that allows you to get the picture of compliance and/or of the criticalities regarding IT infrastructure at both a global and local level.

It provides a clear overview of potential issues and solution proposals (remediation actions) enabling optimization of your company’s IT infrastructure.

Our audit allows you to see what, if any, priority actions need to be taken to maintain or obtain an efficient IT infrastructure with harmonized standards.

How it communicates with other Sysplorer modules

Sysplorer IT connects to other modules by transmitting information on:

IT infrastructures

IT devices

Technical details

Compliance assessments with regards to given standards

Remediation Actions