Wireless LAN


Wireless LAN (WLAN) is the wireless LAN network infrastructure that enables wireless data transmission by connecting wireless devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones to the corporate network.

At GMT G7, we are specialized in designing and implementing efficient wireless networks and carrying out LAN cabling to properly connect all wireless LAN equipment.

The Wireless LANs we design are scalable and secure, allowing users to move freely within a predefined area, staying constantly connected to corporate network services, without incurring the risk of no connection or having a slow connection due to bandwidth overload.

We integrate wired / wireless networking solutions to ensure total coverage of all areas, including areas that are difficult to reach with traditional structured cabling.

We connect spaces and buildings with wireless bridges that allow to share infrastructural resources at low cost. We enable temporary wireless networks to support events and shows.

We use the most advanced technologies to ensure a stable signal and appropriate bandwidth in all areas covered. Wireless LAN security is ensured by implementing authentication systems for authorized persons and devices.

At all stages of WLAN infrastructure implementation, we use sophisticated software tools to perform wireless LAN test and create wireless coverage maps. We also detect and measure RF interference and noise levels (signal-to-noise ratio) to properly select, place, and configure Access Points (APs).

At GMT G7, we follow the customer throughout the life of his wireless LAN infrastructure, not only in the network implementation phases (from the initial design analysis to the verification of the effective “coverage” in the execution phase and the testing) but also with annual maintenance interventions to analyse any interference caused by other devices, intrusions of other networks and inevitable variations of “coverage” related to changes in the environment with the aim to guarantee a performing wireless network.


On request, we can activate your personal area of Sysplorer IT, the module of our Sysplorer suite in which information related to the IT infrastructure of your company and all its locations is reported, also including the evaluation of the wireless network infrastructure, mapping and technical information of the wireless LAN devices that compose it.


To get a panoramic view of the compliance of the wireless network infrastructure of your company and all its locations, you can request activation of Sysplorer COMPLY, the module that allows you to always keep under control the level of compliance with respect to parameters of reference of the wireless LAN infrastructure of your company and all its locations.