Business process mapping

Sysplorer BPM

Business process mapping of your company’s operational and production processes. Sysplorer BPM allows you to quickly consult and always have available the mapping and numerous other information about your company’s processes.

What is Sysplorer BPM

BPM is the module of our Sysplorer suite focused on business process mapping. It outlines activities, the machinery involved, and their interactions with the IT system and the tools and resources involved. The purpose of this mapping is to “take a picture” of the company’s situation in all its activities with the aim of harmonizing business processes and procedures so that they can be improved and thus increase business efficiency.

The mapping activity allows you to understand:

Whether the business process is efficient: after the mapping is done, analyses can be made regarding, for example, costs and the possible inefficiency potentials.

The stream of value generated during product.

Whether existing procedures cover the entire perimeter of the business process and are consistent with it.

The workflow of the business process and the operating mode of the company as a whole, as well as any redundant activities in different corporate departments.

As a result of what emerges from the mapping activity, it will then be possible to proceed with business process optimization.

Business process mapping techniques

Using Sysplorer BPM you can map your business activities through three different techniques of the business process management:

The SIPOC: SIPOC diagram provides a synthetic overview on the operating mode, inputs, outputs and identifies key elements such as suppliers and customers.

The Business Process Diagram (BPD): it is a flow chart that shows in detail all the activities carried out.

The Value Stream Map (VSM): In the industrial world, this mapping technique follows the creation of the products in order to identify the value stream created.

Business process mapping benefits with Sysplorer BPM

It provides a comprehensive overview of the organization and business process improvement. There are many types of business process mapping and analysis, some of which analyze the logical flow and the resources. Sysplorer BPM also studies how the activities and devices communicate with each other and how they affect each other.

It allows you to identify security risks. In a phase of “wild” digitization, in which the important thing is to move to Industry 4.0 as soon as possible, these mappings help to prevent security issues or domino effects by studying the junction points (technological and not) within the various business processes and the risks connected to their malfunction or breakdown.

How it communicates with other Sysplorer modules

Sysplorer BPM connects to the other modules by receiving and transmitting information on:

Locations data

Resources used

Interconnections between processes and/or business areas

Potential critical points

Possible impacts on the business

Prevention options