Facility maintenance is one of the services we at GMT G7 offer to keep your technological infrastructures and your facilities efficient over time.

We provide scheduled and evolutive facility maintenance services not only to keep your company’s technological infrastructures efficient over time, but also to keep it compliant with regulations.

Our team of experts specialises in:

Networking maintenance:

Safety and security facilities, including:

Electrical systems maintenance

Our facility maintenance services cover promptly the entire national territory and any pre-defined locations abroad.

We offer scheduled and xtra facility maintenance services based on framework agreements defined with the customer.

We guarantee our support over time to the upgrading and expansion of infrastructure, with evolutive maintenance services of facilities.

We record all facility maintenance interventions carried out to constitute a certain and documented basis that is intended to facilitate all operators involved in the process, even in subsequent interventions.

We have developed exclusive software solutions for facility maintenance management:

Sysplorer MAIN, for managing scheduled interventions

Sysplorer RETAIL, for the management of extraordinary interventions of facilities  in multi-location realities with a centralised management. An advanced platform on which it is possible to manage all stages of the process such as, for example, the intervention request, digital approval of the purchase order, etc.

Both tools bring numerous advantages for customers in terms of management, control and resource savings.

The advantages of choosing our team:

  • Consolidated and certified technical skills
  • Twenty years of field experience
  • National and international territorial coverage
  • Flexible and convenient facility maintenance formulas